May Shri Sai Bless Us All....

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Welcome to Shirdi Sai Public School

Shri Shirdi Sai Karuna Sansthan, a non profit making spiritual and religious trust, has undertaken this educational venture with a view to provide the town of Moradabad a school of international class.The inspiration for this endeavor has come from reversed Shri C.B. Satpathy ji who was moved by the pain of a child while parting from his parents at the time of going away to residential school.

The school is situated at Sai Nagar on Haridwar Road. The Campus is nearly 16000, full of trees and greenery, providing a conductive atmosphere to the learners.The school has grown rapidly since commencement on 17th July 2003 with a modest strength of 17 children.

This school is unique in many ways. The foundation stone was laid on 4th Jan 2003 and the construction was completed in a record time of six months. Rooted in Indian culture and tradition, the goal of the school is the all round development of students. Ample opportunities are provided for developing innate talents of every child. Music, Dance, Sport and other activities are given utmost importance.

Proficiency in English is important in today’s highly competitive world and care is taken to provide an English Speaking environment in the campus by careful selection of experienced staff from outside Moradabad.Information Technology is used extensively in the learning process. Even students of Nursery also used computers. The vast collection of educational CD’s are used to teach English, Maths, Science etc.

Mission Statement

"Our sights are set to make result oriented, all out efforts for the next five years to attain the best academic results and deeper involvement in CBSE conducted Inter School and other activities."