May Shri Sai Bless Us All....

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BABA's Gift

Knowledge and awareness are the essence of life. What separates humans from other living beings is only the higher level of knowledge, awakening and consciousness, acquired through education. A major part of our education we get from schools we attend, for a few years of our lives. Therefore, our school is the place which has vital significance in the life of persons which shapes their character, and also determines their place and usefulness in the society.

Sai Baba as Lord of things and benefactor of mankind gave us strength and capacity to establish a school which is as close to the objectives of education as to the cherished ideas of Baba. Achievement of children, harmony in the lives of teachers & students and flowering of higher human ideas in every person associated with my school, make me feel that there is some magic working in school’s favour & support.

We experience Baba’s kindness and unconditional love from the intense love in every child’s innocent heart towards us. We feel elevated when every day children express their love for us in most innocent ways.

We thank Baba for developing our school into a harmonious, loving & caring family. Every person associated with our school behaves and acts like a family-respectful, well-behaved & taking care of each other. During our duty at the school we have an exceptional feeling of serenity, calmness, belongingness and complete harmony with nature & our existence.

Really, we feel proud of our Institution as we all are striving towards developing good persons producing achievers in life and building a better & healthy society. We are sure that every person associated with our school i.e. teachers, workers, students & their parents and administrators, all feel the same way.

Our final objective is to help children grow-up as good citizens, high achievers and responsible members of the society. We are all striving towards that goal and with clearness of our conscience & heart, we are sure to attain our goal. Definitely, we will continue to serve the school & the society till our very end.

May Baba give us enough passion, dedication and wisdom.