May Shri Sai Bless Us All....

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Neelu Mam Article


What happens in life when we focus on competing with our Co-workers, Neighbors, Friends and Family? Are we really happy when we try to out -do them or prove that we are more successful or more important? We spend our time and energy on such meaningless pursuits and miss out on the very purpose of our lives.

The problem with unhealthy competition is that it's a never ending and vicious cycle. There will always be someone ahead of you. Someone with a better Job, better car, more money in the bank, better education, better behaved children etc. But the realization, that each one of us is unique with unique attributes and talents , should teach us that each one of us is incomparable and will certainly enable us to live happier and contented lives. "Don't compete & compare."

Some people are insecure because they pay too much attention to what others are doing, where others are going, what they are wearing, driving etc. Take what Sai has given you, the height, weight & personality. Dress well and wear it proudly! You will be blessed by it. Stay focused. You cannot compete with your Destiny. Run your own race and wish others well.

May Sai Bless us all with all the possible happiness in life.

With Love,
Nalini Arora