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    AIM:- The project was taken under ‘Fit India – Hit India’ campaign started by the Government of India. Two day basket ball match was played by the students of class XI B and C as part of the “Sewa Project”.
    Class XI A team was invited to play with the teams of class XI B and C.
    Students participated enthusiastically It was a tournament held formally for two days. In the inaugural ceremony Principal addressed the students and motivated for the same. League matches took place.
    Matches were played with sportsman spirit and finally XI-A team won.

  • SEWA PROJECT THEME: 5R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Refuse, Recycle, Repurpose

    Students of class IX-A conducted SEWA PROJECT on 5R’s. Students of all classes were encouraged to use old and waste items instead of throwing them away. The students prepared and gifted articles made up of waste material like chalk box, pen holder, tea mats, book holders etc. They also briefed everyone about biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste.

  • Importance of yoga in education

    Yoga session was conducted for Class-X as Sewa project by yoga trainer Ms. Ritu. The motive was to enhance self-awareness & self-realization within the students.
    YOGA unfolds the physical, mental and spiritual attributes which eventually inculcates the social as well as ecological awareness within children. It promotes the perseverance as well as will-power with in the child. Students practiced, Taad-Asana, Surya-Namaskar, Gomukh-Asana, Bhujang-Asana, Vrikeh- Asana, Ardh-Chakrasana and meditation.

  • We will be on air soon radio youth 94.5

  • Felicitation of high scorers by its group, Ghaziabad

    It was a proud moment for all the SAIITES scoring high % in class XII Board Examination 2018-19 to receive honour and appreciation by I.T.S Educational Group, Ghaziabad on 14/05/2019.
    This felicitation ceremony was a real boost to the confidence level of the students when Mr. Piyush Chawla awarded the students with certificate of appreciation and momentos.
    The school received "THE MOST PROMISING SCHOOL AWARD" for the wonderful results.
    SSPS family once again congratulates all the award winners and wish them a bright future ahead.

  • District Winners Felicitation Vidhyarthi Vigyan Manthan 2018-19

    It was a Proud moment for SSPS when SAIITES received award of appreciation for their excellent performance in India’s Largest Science Talent Search For New India Using Digital Devices. The felicitation ceremony was held on 25/05/2019.
    Our district level winners were felicitated by the State Coordinator VVM.

      Winners included:-

    1. 1. Arsh Agarwal class- VI
    2. 2. Kritika Garg -VI
    3. 3. Krishna Gill -VIII
    4. 4. Rohan Talan- IX

    SSPS is proud of these young minds and wish them all success in future.

  • Wonderful performance by saiites class Xth boards-2018-19

    The conquering spell of Shirdi Sai Public School continued this year as well when its class Xth scholars put up yet another impressive performance in board exams.


    1. 1. AVNI KAKKAR 98.4%
    2. 2. DRISHTI AGARWAL 98.4%
    3. 3. TANISHK SAXENA 98.4%
    4. 4. AYUSH DUDAWAT 98%
    5. 5. ABHISHEK JOSHI 98%
    6. 6. ROHAN SINGH 97.8%

    With a multitude of students scoring above 90%, the pass rate was again maintained to be 100%.The number of students scoring more than 90% inched to 51.


    1. 1. MATHEMATICS- 100(04 Students)
    2. 2. ENGLISH- 99(06 Students)
    3. 3. HINDI- 100(10 Students)
    4. 4. SCIENCE- 100(01 Student)
    5. 5. SOCIAL SCIENCE- 100(05 Students)
    6. 6. FOUNDATION OF I.T- 100(46 Students)

    The hard work of students along with the tireless efforts of teachers and parents bore fruit. We wish them all success in future.

  • Congratulations to the little champs !!

    DAKSH GUPTA of class I and Dhruv Gupta of class VC won Gold medal in INDO NEPAL OPEN KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP held at Invertis University, Bareilly. Also Vani Tandon of class VA received a gold medal in BRAIN O’ BRAIN National Competition held on 28.04.2019. These little champs have brought a big name for their institution and S.S.P.S family wishes them great success in their efforts in future.

  • SAIITES in Class XII Boards - 2018-19

    We are thrilled and proud to share this achievement with you. SAIITES in Class XII Boards 2018-19.

    Paras Kakkar, 97.20% emerged as CITY TOPPER in the commerce stream. Vaidehi Sharma, 97.60% in the Science Stream became the SECOND CITY TOPPER and THIRD MANDAL TOPPER.

    In the science stream Itika Gupta secured the second position with 95.80% while Sparshi Gupta stood third with 95.40%. In commerce.

    Dhriti Jain stood second with 95% and Shrey Bajaj took the third rank with 94.60%.

    Out of all, who appeared for an exam, an overwhelming 13 students have scores 90% and above in aggregate.

    1. 1. Vaidehi Sharma 97.6
    2. 2. Paras Kakkar 97.2
    3. 3. Itika Gupta 95.8
    4. 4. Sparshi Gupta 95.4
    5. 5. Dhriti Jain 95
    6. 6. Shrey Bajaj 94.6
    7. 7. Pranay Kapoor 94.4
    8. 8. Gautam Tandon 93.8
    9. 9. Aryan Maheshwari 93.8
    10. 10. Aksh Jain 92.8
    11. 11. Atharv Kapoor 92.8
    12. 12. Akshat Garg 91.4
    13. 13. Diksha Gulati 91.2

    This excellent result is a befitting reward for the synergic efforts of the diligent students, their mentors and ever supportive parents. SSPS is proud of all of them and congratulates them on bringing laurels to school.

  • Two Days Adventure Camp at SSPS 2019

    “We hope to tickle their imagination and infuse positive attitude by helping them live the uncertain and accomplish the impossible.”
    Two days adventure camp for classes Nursery to Class VIII, brought the students at School brimming with excitement. It was the day they were to take part in an adventure camp on the school play field. A commando net, a life size trampoline, Burma bridge, river crossing were spread out in the field. These activities aimed at maintaining fitness level and physical mental balance of a child. The young SAIITES gained a new perspective as they got to face different obstacles in the form of activities like Tyre Maze, Zip Lining, Wall Climbing, Zorbing, Moogly walk, Lazer Beam, Hamster wheel etc. It helped to make the student stronger and build his personality strong and distinguishable.
    The amount of energy shown by the students was enthralling. When the students got involved in various activities they learnt to build good relations, gain the problem solving skill, respect the fellow members and their individual contributions. The day ended but the smiles didn’t, as it was fun filled for one and all.


    “Genius is when an idea and the execution of that idea are simultaneous” - Albert Einstein
    The Annual Exhibition, enthusiastically observed at S.S.P.S on 9th February’19 focussed on ingraining a scientific and creative attitude in our young students to make them comprehend the interdependence of science, technology and society by a hands- on experience. The exhibition seeks to engage children and teachers to synergise experiences and motivate each other to design and develop something novel. Hundreds of displays dotted several sections of School with participation ranging from classes Nursery to XI. Each corridor became a celebration of Science ,Maths, Art and Language as students furiously beckoned visitors to stop by and visit their discoveries. The ceremonial inaugration was accompanied by the Ganesh Vandana by the School choir.
    The exhibits of Science were displayed based on the theme Adaptation. The major attraction here was the “Journey to the Moon” & “Indian glory in Space Research” concept which brought alive the Space, the Moon and its history. The students presented their investigation projects and displayed different scientific games and quizzes which exhibited their knowledge and interest in science.
    The Art Gallery showcased learning based projects and art work done by the students in school which brought out the latent skills in them. The students also demonstrated the process of mummification and showcased Egyptian culture. The puppet show, Clay Art and the folk music by the little musicians were constant energy boosters. The real joy was to see the tiny tots of pre primary exhibiting their activities with so much grace and confidence.
    The social science department depicted the theme of Past to Present wherein they conveyed about the inventions which revolutionised the world and the medieval history of India. Special portrayal of history of Shajahanabad, Gram Panchayat and vegetation of India was also appreciated by all.
    The little mathematicians amazed the parents with various working models of theorems and Formulas. The parents had a gala time at the Maths carnival as they took up various brainstorming activities.
    The literary department also took up a chance to exhibit the strength of Language through Hindi Vatika, Hatim ki Rahasyamayi Duniya, Agaaz se Anjaam tak. The world of English depicted the Indian Poetic legends. The reading corner was also an add on while the parents really enjoyed the parental involvement activities like twist the tongue, Spell Bee and Read and Act.
    There was an ocean full of creative ideas which attracted the parents like Dadi k Nuskhe, Indian Superstitions, Star Notebook Section, Marvel Studio- Avengers, Tech Mela, Yoga and much more.
    Creativity totally abounded amidst the students. It was a celebration of knowledge and hardwork. The program culminated with the Flash Mob which was applauded by one and all present.

  • FAREWELL CLASS XII: 02.02.2019

    “I cannot say goodbye to those whom I have grown to love, for the memories we have made will last a lifetime, and will never know a goodbye.”
    Students of Class XI organized farewell party and of course endeavoured to leave a trail of nostalgia behind for the twelfthies. The day was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers to reminisce joyous moments. The manicured lawns of the imposing Pavilion served as a unique backdrop to the occasion and the subsequent luncheon.
    The young ladies glowed in fuchsia- coloured sarees whereas gentlemen carried themselves smartly in suits. A special cultural programme was organized by class XI students. Thereafter, there was a spate of dance, music and laughter as the hosts impressed with the showcasing of their vast repository of skills. Interesting games were played to pep up the environment. The pick of the day was the Ramp walk done by Class 12th students.
    Different Titles were awarded to different students. The following were the title holders:

    1. 1. Mr Saitte- Pranay Kapoor
    2. 2. Ms Saitte - Vidisha Gupta
    3. 3. Mr Perfect - Paras kakkar
    4. 4. Ms Perfect - Vanshika Agarwal
    5. 5. Mr Charming - Gautam Tandon
    6. 6. Ms Charming - Dhriti Jain
    7. 7. Mr Unpredictable - Raj Gupta
    8. 8.Ms Unpredictable - Diksha Gulati
    9. 9. Mr Spark of Eve - Ayush Grover
    10. 10. Ms Spark of eve - Ananya Rastogi
    11. 11. Mr Naughty – Deepankar Gupta
    12. 12. Ms Naughty -Saba Saif
    13. 13. Ms Well dressed -Devangi Chawla
    14. 14. Mr Well dressed -Tushar Mathur
    15. 15. Mr Talented - Divyam Khanna
    16. 16. Ms Talented - Nandini Tandon
    17. 17. Mr Padaku -Shrey Bajaj
    18. 18. Ms Padaku -Itika Gupta
    19. 19. Mr Popular -Swaraj Rai
    20. 20.Ms Popular -Vaidehi Sharma
    21. 21. Most Disciplined - Atharv Kapoor

    The Twelth standard fraternity thanked teachers and management for their graciousness whereas the management wished them a blissful journey ahead with plentiful accomplishments and unparalleled success. They were assured that they will never be far but will remain in the hearts forever.

  • India Education Icon Award - 2018 to Ms. NALINI ARORA

    “Look around you. There is not a life in this room that you have not touched, and each one of us is a better person because of you.”SSPS is proud to share that Ms. Nalini Arora, has been honoured with India Education Icon Award - 2018 by CED Foundation & The Ultimate Knowledge, for her commendable work, achievements & contribution to the field of education.
    We wish her a hearty congratulations and many more achievements to embrace and embark.

  • Another feather added to the crown of S.S.P.S-SCHOOL EXCELLENCE AWARD 2018-19

    We are very proud to share that S.S.P.S has been honoured with SCHOOL EXCELLENCE AWARD 2018-19 by Brainfeed.
    Recognition of S.S.P.S performance standards by national and international organisations holds a special and significant meaning for the management, staff, parents and students. Since its inception, the school set its focus on providing quality education to students and is committed to a well-rounded and holistic approach for nurturing young minds for a better tomorrow.

  • Children’s Day Celebration In SSPS, 14.11.2018

    Lead us from ignorance to truth, lead us from darkness to light, lead us from death to deathlessness. Keeping this message in heart and mind, the festival of lights was celebrated with joy in SSPS premises. The celebration started with a prayer song “Apni Veena Ke Taaron Se Maa Shardey”, followed by a group song
    “Deepawali manaye Suhani”. Other performances included a skit with beautiful message “ Diwali-Dil Se Not Bill Se”, Radio show- to encourage Eco friendly Diwali and special Diwali pledge by the students .The little ones depicted Ramayana story behind this special day through their colourful performance. In the end the Principal gave an inspiring message that “This Diwali let us all try to spread happiness in the lives of those who are not as blessed as we are, by a little act of charity and love for them” and extended his wishes to all the members of the family.

  • Diwali Celebration In SSPS, 03.11.2018

    Lead us from ignorance to truth, lead us from darkness to light, lead us from death to deathlessness. Keeping this message in heart and mind, the festival of lights was celebrated with joy in SSPS premises. The celebration started with a prayer song “Apni Veena Ke Taaron Se Maa Shardey”, followed by a group song
    “Deepawali manaye Suhani”. Other performances included a skit with beautiful message “ Diwali-Dil Se Not Bill Se”, Radio show- to encourage Eco friendly Diwali and special Diwali pledge by the students .The little ones depicted Ramayana story behind this special day through their colourful performance. In the end the Principal gave an inspiring message that “This Diwali let us all try to spread happiness in the lives of those who are not as blessed as we are, by a little act of charity and love for them” and extended his wishes to all the members of the family.

  • Dussehra Celebration: Seniors In SSPS

    The school celebrated Dussehra for students on 16th Oct’18 with a lot of fervour and ardor. A spectacular act Ram Lila was staged by the senior students in which they presented the scenes from the banishment of Rama from Ayodhya followed by his victory over Ravana. A melodious group song was the cherry to the cake. The primary objective of the entire show was to convince the children that no matter how intelligent a person is, his pride will be the reason of his collapse. They were intimidated how his single mistake overpowered and nullified his entire wisdom. The ceremonial burning of the Ravana Effigy after the Ram Lila symbolised the burning of all vices within a person and believing in the triumph of good over the evil. Everyone enjoyed the serene atmosphere.

  • Sai Palki In SSPS 15.10.2018

    The morning set the day and the way for SSPS to rejuvenate their spirits, remain rooted to their moral values and unleash their vitality. The entire school looked royal, adorned with flowers and flags to mark the “Concluding ceremony of CENTENARY YEAR CELEBRATION OF MAHASAMADHI OF SHIRDI SAIBABA”. SSPS, imbibes its philosophy from Shirdi Sai Baba. The quintessence and the significance which was illustrated through the pious ceremony of SAI PALKI procession with all regal paraphernalia. The school dignitaries, parent association, teaching and non teaching staff, students, Nayi Disha members and support staff all came together to show their gratitude and pay deference to BABA. Altogether 1300 participants and 800 audience were present for the procession. The entire assembly echoed with the vigorous beats of Drums and Lezims, while the BABA’s Palki was being carried on the shoulders with due sanctity and honour. The Palanquin was followed by young devotees dressed in Silk Sarees and White Kurta Pyjama holding Kalash and Flags. The drum beats with Sai Bhajans lifted the fervour of the festivity. The young clad followers walked along the palanquin, matched the steps to the beats and joyously resounded the Sai Aarti. Everybody relished the Prasad after the celebration culminated.

  • Celebration of Paryatan Parv-2018 in SSPS(24.09.2018-27.09.2018)

    With an objective to encourage Indians to visit various tourist destinations of the country and to draw attention towards cultural diversity, Shirdi Sai Public School, Moradabad celebrated “ Paryatan Parv 2018”. Various activities organized as a part of celebration included:
    1. A day – long seminar including documentary presentation on the theme” Incredible India”, showcasing the culture and beauty of different Indian states.
    2. Poster making competition on the theme “ Dekho Apna Desh”.
    3. Special Assembly highlighting the beauty of Indian festivals, dresses, heritage sites that fascinate the tourist from all round the globe.
    4. Street play on the theme: “Jab Bharat Hai Itna Sunder, Tou Kio Jatey Bandhu Baahar?”. It emphasized on specialties of different Indian states.
    All the activities were thought provoking and their presentation was simple and beautiful. The participants performed with great zeal & enthusiasm and were able to evoke the love for Indian tourism among the spectators.

  • Teacher's Day Celebration in SSPS, 05.09.2018

    “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”As a sign of tribute to all teachers, SSPS solemnly celebrated teachers’ day with great gusto and gaiety. The students who had been preparing for the grand day organized a scintillating cultural show dedicated to their teachers.
    The students of the Primary classes mesmerized the teachers with their performance on the theme "The Vedic Gurus and their Everlasting Wisdom". Thereafter it was fun and frolic where in the quirky styles of the students and teachers were enacted for everyone to enjoy. Solo dance on “Khalibali”, self made Rapp, dazzling dance on a “Medley of Songs”, duet singing, colourful ramp walk of the teachers, performances depicting Guru_ Shishya relationship from Bollywood movies was followed by honouring the teachers with titles. To express their love and gratitude to their teachers, students led the teachers down the memory lane with the frozen memories of the past through a PPT. The programme was attended the dignitaries and all the teaching staff members. The teachers’ day message encouraged the teachers to renew their commitment and to make a difference in the lives of the students. The programme was hilarious at the same time thought provoking. It left the teachers seriously thinking about the enormity of their calling.
    The teachers then enjoyed the delicious lunch served and went home with a token of love given by management.

  • SSPS hosted Brass City Sahodaya Complex meeting on Friday, 24.8.18

    The meeting was attended by Principals of CBSE across the city.
    Mr.Devasia P.U, the Principal welcomed the members. The main agenda of the meeting was to join hands to render assistance to the flood victims of Kerala. Mr. Mathews, Principal, PMS briefed the extent of havoc caused by the floods. The President suggested that all schools should stand in solidarity for the cause. Mr. Devasia P.U. thanked the members for sparing their time to deliberate on this humanitarian cause.

  • Independence Day Celebration In SSPS, 15.08.2018

    Shirdi Sai Public School, wore a colourful festive look and was high on spirits adorned with Saffron, White and Green balloons and flags, to celebrate India’s 72nd Independence day with unprecedented patriotic fervour through a gamut of cultural programs. The anchors for the day- Head Girl, Head Boy and Cultural Captain welcomed the dignitaries present to Grace the August occasion. The dignitories unfurled the tricolour and all in unison sang the national anthem and expressed the joy of freedom. Thereafter the students showcased a colourful spectacle of India’s vision through their group song performance singing ‘Aye Watan’. The spark of patriotism grew brighter when the Principal addressed the gathering with his words of wisdom. He stated that “The real meaning of freedom is the freedom to be yourself. We need to value what has been given to us in all means.”
    The Director in an awe inspiring address to the gathering appreciated the hardwork put in by the students to celebrate the day.The day was commemorated with a sequel of cultural programmes where students expressed their sentiments and aspirations through a medley of Enactments, Speeches, Dances and Group Song on the themes of Courage, Determination and patriotism and enthralled everyone with their confidence, gait and jig. The event culminated with the head girl proposing the vote of thanks. It was a day of joy, a day to love and respect our dear motherland. To inculcate the spirit of brotherhood and Camaraderie, a kite flying activity was conducted for the children which doubled the joy of Independence.

  • SSPS Celebrates Guru Purnima, 27.07.18

    Guru Purnima commemorates the goodness of spiritual gurus as thousands of Devotees worship and thank their gurus for enlightenment.
    SSPS imbibes its philosophy from the teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba, the quintessence and the significance of this day was illustrated through various religious ceremonies. The teachers decorated the temple one day prior with colourful rangolis and ornamented the Idols with chandan.
    The auspicious day began with the coming together of all the Sai devoted Dignitaries and School Staff who traditionally showed their gratitude and paid deference through Sai Abhishek.
    The devotees took pride in sharing their experiences with the supreme power through ab assortment of speeches.
    The whole aura turned spiritual when all the devotees present their, got indulged in reading Shri Sai Satcharitra. The entire area was resounded with the approbation and veneration of Baba. Followed by which everybody sang along with sentiments reverberating with their emotions of respect and love for Baba.

  • Rising I.T. Star of SSPS: Awarded by NIIT

    Kushagra khanna of class 6 B was awarded a gold medal and trophy on 9th June 2018 by NIIT, for his execellent step in designing a website- www.savinganimalsservingcommunity.com. Mr.Ritesh Gupta, Vidhayak, Moradabad presented the trophy to the little SAIITE. This young aware mind is pursuing a course of " Html and Animations" from NIIT and through his website he has tried to bring the attention of government and public towards the growing problem of stray animals in residential areas.
    He has requested the authorities to visit his website and know what problems are the residents going through. He has suggested and requested Government and NGOs to take a step of constructing shelter homes for these animals to save them and to serve the society.
    Such an amazing initiative by Kushagra is an inspiration for all the kids of his age to come out of their routine mobile games and TV watching activities and do something of this kind. After all these young minds are the nation builders of tomorrow.
    SSPS congratulates Kushagra for his achievement and wish him many more successful steps in future. May SAI bless him.

  • 12th Board examination 2017-18

    SSPS feels proud to announce its achievers Class 12th for their wonderful performance in Board examination 2017-18.

    1. 1. Riya Garg 95.4%
    2. 2. Mohammad 95%
    3. 3. Kartikey Sharma 93.4%

    We congratulate all our students for the best of their performance and wish all of them a very bright future ahead.

  • Saiites Made IT Again

    SSPS family takes great pride in the academic excellence of its students in board examination 2017-18. Class Xth 20% of our students scored more than 90% aggregate marks. The top achievers include:

    1. 1. Sanyam Saxena 99%
    2. 2. Sunakshi Bhutani 97.8%
    3. 3. Aryan Gupta 97.8%
    4. 4. Tanishq Agarwal 97%.
    5. 5. Kartik Khanna 96.8%
    6. 6. Pratham Gupta 96.8%
    7. 7. Nikita Singh 96.8%
    8. 8. Manit Rastogi 96.4%
    9. 9. Mudit Vishnoi 96.4%
    10. 10. Hardik Agarwal 95.4%
    11. 11. Kavya Garg 95.2%
    12. 12. Shashank Pasrija 95.2%
    13. 13. Rishika Soni 95%

    We congratulate all our students and wish them a bright future ahead.

  • Table Tennis Tournament Winners

    Yug khanna of class 6A and Pratham Sharma of 6B bagged first and second position respectively in Cadet under 12 group.
    Aksh Jain of class 12B got third position in Junior boys under 18 group.
    The District Table tennis tournament held at Global Public school on dates 26.04.18 to 28.04.18 was a platform for sports pillars of approximately 15 to 20 different schools from all over the district.
    SAIITES depicted wonderful performance and added feathers to the crown of their learning temple.
    May they always shine.